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A sequel to my previous post on the match between Manchester United and Arsenal. 

Brilliant. Brutal. Annihilation. Outstanding. No words would do justice to United’s 8-2 drubbing of Arsenal at Old Trafford.

Here’s the catch: This post is just to gloat =p

At 3-0, I thought the job was done. Game over. 3 points to United. Even at 3-1, my thoughts didn’t change much.

And then they started scoring for fun. And scored. And scored some more, finishing the game with 8 goals scored and 2 conceded. Many of us had predicted a Manchester United victory, but none of us could have fathomed the simply marvelous way in which it was executed, and definitely would not have expected 8 goals to have been scored.

Since Arsene Wenger talks about how his team can ‘mathematically’ still win the League (even though, realistically, they stand no chance of winning the League), here’s a simple mathematical result for him. Mathematically, United beat Arsenal four times over in a single match. Realistically, United annihilated Arsenal and proved to everyone why they are the reigning Premier League champions. More than half a dozen reasons why United are the champions.

Three games into the League, and United’s youngsters are playing like pros. Arsenal’s youngsters, meanwhile, are still in transition, as Mr. Wenger likes to often remind us.

Many comments surfaced before the start of this season about how Manchester City will be the team to watch this season, and how they will threaten Manchester United’s hold on the League crown. True, given City’s flying start, they indeed are the team to watch this season. But, given United’s game and the fact that they are the defending champions, they are still the team to catch. And if there was still some doubt regarding any team threatening United’s dominance, the destruction of Arsenal probably sent out a clear message about who’s the Premier League boss. Rest in peace, Gunners.

What a magnificent YOUNG (pun intended) bunch Sir Alex Ferguson has gathered. Respect.

City sent out a clear message when they beat Tottenham Hotspur 5-1. If City can score 5, United can score 8. Whatever City can do, United can do better.

Also, since after such a match reports will carry phrases of how United simply raped Arsenal in this match, here’s a quote for laughs:

Arsenal: United, why you bang me like a prostitute? (courtesy: A Manchester United fan page on Facebook)

Arsene Wenger should seriously stop relying on both his lifetime contract and his young team. But then, some people never learn.

For all those United fans who hate Arsenal with a passion, here‘s the match report to keep rubbing in their faces for years to come. Not that we need a report, since the scoreline is enough.

– Cheers!