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Interviewer: Alexander Carter, is that right?

Alexander Carter: Yes, that is my name indeed.

I: Do you know-?

AC: Yes I do.

I: So, why-?

AC: I hate him.

I: What has-?

AC: Sonovabitch has rightfully earned my wrath. He looked down upon what I was studying and who I married. He is never happy. He has made my life hell.

I: (eyes wide open) But he is your-?

AC: Father, yes.

I: You-?

AC: Yes, I killed my father. Perhaps I am a demon.

I: Demon? Why do-?

AC: Because, you fat fuck, I killed my own father, didn’t I?

I: Perhaps you-?

AC: Oh no no. I have no regrets. (grimaces)

I: Then, you are-?

AC: (slams fist on table top) You don’t get it, do you? Goddamnit nobody gets it. He made me miserable. Miserable. Every single day. Every. Single. Day. Of. My. Fucking goddamned life!

I: Was-?

AC: Yes, killing him was the only solution.

I: And you-?

AC: No, I still maintain, I have no regrets.

I: You do-?

AC: I will be facing a life sentence if I’m lucky. But I’m sure they’ll hang me.

I: That-?

AC: I’m not scared of jail. Or death. That is for the weak.

I: (sighs) I think we are done for the day.

AC: Very well.

I: One last thing though. How-?

AC: (leans forward, looks directly into the interviewer’s eyes) I am a beast. We are all beasts. There is a beast inside all of us. Once we commit a “shameful” act, that beast asks questions. Questions that kill us. Questions that eat us away. You see, your questions are within me.