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Ever wondered what the similarities between life and a football game is? Or if there can even be any similarities? Let us explore.

The formation: A football game deals with proper formation of the team, and not abiding by that formation can result in a lost match. The key here is proper organization in advance. In life as well, organization plays a key role. Proper and effective planning beforehand brings about positive results.

The tackle: During a football match, the tackle can result in a player losing possession of the ball to a member of the opposing team. The tackle is the obstacle that catches the player unaware, and quite often as soon as he thinks he can chance a breather. Nothing is certain in life either. Just when we think we’ve made it, an unknown obstacle may appear. Relaxation is premature until the task is complete (the passing of the 90 minutes, in terms of football). Ominous.

The ‘man on’: A phrase often heard on the football field is that of ‘man on’. This is called out by a player to a teammate in possession of the ball, who is about to be tackled by a player of the opposing team. The man on is somewhat similar to the tackle, in the sense that there will always be someone wanting to creep up unawares on you to take away your prize. Need I elaborate on how this applies to life?

The aggressiveness: The best football teams are those that play the most aggressively. They use every aggressive tactic in the book to make victory theirs. To ensure that we stay ahead of the competition, the rules of life are the same. Determination and vigor are what persist in the winners.

The game in hand: The game in hand, in football, means that a certain team has played one game less with respect to all others, enabling them to have a ‘game in hand’. This leaves them with a chance of catching up to the others or moving ahead of the pack. Its application in life applies mostly to university students, who may be unable to perform well on quizzes and assignments in a course but have exam ‘in hand’ to make up for their mediocre performance before.

The teamwork: The most important bit of football is teamwork. Football is a team game, and while individual moments of brilliance are not unheard of, what can guarantee victory is a dearth of selfishness on the players’ part and marvelous displays of teamwork. When going through life, teamwork is equally important. A person should have the ability to work with a team, both because it is essential to be able to work with others and because teamwork usually lays the ground for a person to outshine others, in a positive sense of course.

Football – indeed having many applications in our everyday life.