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The midterm exams of my fourth semester at LUMS are just around the corner, marking the termination of almost three quarters of my sophomore year and fast approaching the halfway mark in my quest for an undergrad degree.

I’ve seen people get nostalgic over how quickly time passed and reminiscing about the ‘good old days’, but the single thought running through my head is related to wanting this semester to end as soon as possible. But then again, I’ll attribute it to the fact that exams are quite close by and the only reason I’m blogging at 11:30 on a Sunday morning is to give myself a break after yet another all-nighter.

So, what have I learned in these (almost) four semesters here?

– The adages of LUMS being a party school are all fake; the real story lies within the campus walls. But then, that was sort of a given even before I came here.

– Tea is the staple diet, especially during the exams.

– The foosball table in the rec room is the scene for a lot of budding friendships. And also inevitable enmities.

– Top Pops are the drug of choice for an all-nighter, coupled with tea/coffee/Pepsi.

– LUMS never sleeps. Most profound during ‘dead’ week before exams. The only thing dead during dead week is sleep.

– Student events is the forum for whining over petty issues or venting or just needing an excuse to start a senseless debate. Makes for a pretty good read if you’re bored. PDAs, laundry, PDC prices, parking stickers, concerts – you get all sorts of variety. Kudos to everyone for contributing and flooding our campus mail inbox though.

– Befriending people having their personal refrigerators in their dorm rooms will get you a long way as far as ‘ghar ka khana‘ is concerned.

– The library is much revered only twice a semester.

– Freshies will always be, well, freshies. And you will always hate them because of this freshie-ness. And no, you will not call them freshmen.

– Carrying a pack of cigarettes is the surest way of getting into people’s good books.

– If you are a hostelite, you will make sure you befriend a Lahori having a car. It will help if the Lahori is cute.

– SS courses are exactly the breather one needs.

– Befriending the guards at the gates and the rickshaw drivers outside helps in the long run.

– Mean and standard deviation take on a new meaning. Truly, never before had stats been given so much importance.

– Girls graduating a year early are more often than not those who are getting married. What a distinction.

– You will give new meaning to the term ‘nocturnal’.

– Khoka will be the best thing to have happened to LUMS.

– Watching a football match in rec can be the best experience of your life. The same holds true when you’re watching said match in Lab 2 – in fact, anywhere with a bunch of equally crazed fans.

– You will curse like a sailour.

– PDC will make your appreciate mummy’s cooking like you’ve never appreciated it before.

– You will develop either deep love or intense hatred for cats. Either way, the emotion will be extreme.

– You will miss your 8 am classes – sometimes; quite a bit of times.

– You will applaud yourself for surviving – yes, surviving.

The point of this post? Musings of a person trying to get a Shah Rukh Khan song and a Contemporary Short Stories reading out of her head to be able to sleep. The above did not make sense I’m sure. But oh well, will get back to it some other time. For now, back to either studying or sleeping. Time flies. As is evident by the fact that it still feels like yesterday that we were arriving on campus for O-Week.

Good luck for the mids!