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And still, more pictures.

Miscellaneous pictures, taken and collected over time.

No, that is not a woman's dress

Enter the Mughal era

panda mugshot

panda mugshot - 2

panda mugshot - 3

our boredom knows no limits.

a nail and some smiley faces on a pair of jeans

some people have the weirdest luggage


hello panda!

An aerial view of Karachi at night


Sometimes, our fingers smile back at us

What are you looking at little panda?

a friend's birthday card

A blend of colours - birthday card

foosball table

just your average day at the superstore

My best friend's birthday

Busy hand?

Rec room at the end of a busy day

The cat seems to like the foosball table

A random shot

overhead lightbulb

Intricate patterns on a shawl

The LUMS superstore

Rice is not what it used to be

From letters to words?

Cheers! =)