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With my sophomore year at LUMS more than half done, I’ve accrued quite a decent number of pictures I’ve taken here over time. Posted below are a few of the many.

The cats below are one of the most integral part of LUMS – jokes aside. These feline creatures are rampant all over the campus, and definitely make for good subjects of photography.

Mother cat and baby kitten.

feline love

That is one bored cat.

behind the glass - hello cat!

Below are a few snapshots of the dorms and everything related to them in general.

dorm room - freshmen year (it's unusually clean)

trying to copy gossip girl, ended up creating an amalgam of everything.

some of us don't grow up - these are hooks.

egg beater

sustenance? not quite.

The view of the library and lab building from my dorm room window

from my dorm room window

As mentioned above, these are just a few of many pictures. More pictures to be posted soon. Stay tuned!