I’m holding on to a rope,

The knots, tied around my hands,

Digging deep into my skin,

Cutting into my flesh,

But oh! It just feels so right,

Through the pain, the anger, there comes,

A feeling of being wanted,

Of having a comrade, a companion present,

And it just feels so perfectly right!

Even through the pain, and the anger.

But Alas!

Nothing good lasts forever,

A bubble of happiness that I envision,

Can, in the end, be burst,

For happiness is but overrated,

And dreams are meant to be broken.

Amidst the confusion, I’m still holding on,

To that rope, that links me to you,

The knots no longer feel so strong,

My skin doesn’t feel raw,

But my fingers still cling on,

Not wanting, unwilling, to loosen the grasp,

However, even as I try I can feel,

The rope, slipping away,

And with it, I see you,

I see you, also slipping away.

And so I cling even harder,

Not wanting to give up,

Not yet! Not so soon! Not so easily!

But even as I persevere,

I know it’s all in vain,

The answer, to me, is very clear,

I believe it’s time to let go.