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Dedicated to two years of A-Levels

I stopped for a moment, paused, looked back;

The days that passed by too fast,

Memories that will eventually become the past,

The phone calls that lasted way too long,

The pointless jokes that went on and on,

The hugs, the laughter, the joys, the tears,

Every moment we’ve spent with those who are dear,

The intense discussions, the stupid fights,

Texting each other till late at night,

The ‘happy meals’, the Red Apple rolls :p,

Our importance for each other that has grown tenfold,

The ‘highness’, the crushes, the picture obsession,

All of our gossiping sessions :p,

The places where we’ve gone out to eat,

Our shopping sprees and our numerous treats,

The times when we’ve cheered up each other,

Many songs that we’ve sung together,

Instances when we’ve cried on each other’s shoulders,

The friendship that will always encompass us as we grow older,

As time passes, as we walk on our separate ways,

Never will I forget all these days,

Ultimately, each of us will walk our own miles,

But when I look back, these reminiscences will always make me smile,

I do not want to accept that there will be an end,

For no one will ever replace my friends,

So here’s to friendships that will always last,

Whether we’re close together or far apart,

We may disappear, we may not always be around,

But the times we’ve spent together will always keep us bound,

Yet I say this with a tear in the eye,

I don’t ever want to say goodbye.