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The first two futile attempts to create a blog were tried on blogspot, both of which failed. I forgot the password of the first one, and then found it too much of a hassle to figure out the workings of blogspot when I made the second one.

Then, I discovered wordpress. So, hello world indeed. More like, hello to all users of wordpress, but we constitute our own little world of blogging here. =)

A 20 year old female studying at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) in Pakistan with a passion for writing, blogging is so far the most convenient outlet for that. This is my second blog on wordpress; the other one is kind of a vent and hence is password protected, but this one is made specifically for the purpose of putting up things I write from time to time instead of just using a blog as a vent. A lot of the things I put up here will be essays from A-Levels and LUMS, but that’s still a start.

Happy reading fellow bloggers. =)